The harsh reality of plastic pollution

Plastic production is increasing exponentially

0 + million tonnes

Plastic producted

Less than 0 %

Plastic recycled

0 + million tonnes

Plastic waste into the ocean

0 trillion pieces

Plastic & Microplastics in the ocean


Eco-Mania believe in giving back to the earth, one step at a time, one product at a time.


Eco-Mania’s goal is to give back to this earth & make our future safer & greener.

We are here to change consumer habits and make people switch to eco friendly habits.

Our mission is to completely replace plastic products with eco friendly alternatives which will help reduce the problem of plastic pollution which is a major global concern

We strive to empower all sizes of businesses to reduce their environmental foot print by cutting down plastic & switching to eco friendly products.

Eco-Mania aims to provide you with cool and eco friendly products for your business that inspire and motivate everyone to switch to an eco friendly lifestyle & promote the message of sustainability.

We count on small steps, taken together that make a big impact & bring about revolutionary changes. We believe that together, we can & we are taking the initiative to bring about positive changes for our environment. We are working continuously to expand our range to many everyday products and come up with more cool and sustainable eco friendly products.


Join our eco gang & let’s together commit to living an environment conscious life and bring positive changes for the environment as well as for us.